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Company - Profile

QS&P is a consulting company of business and industrial project management in the field of land and naval contract, born in 2000, which operates both in Italy and abroad.

QS&P offers consultancy services all about fulfilling clients’ expectations and needs.

Since the start of its activity, the company played a significant role in enterprises’ projects concerning quality management. This expertise was further expanded and enhanced through the years, also in other management fields such as environmental management, social responsibility, improvement of business processes, human resources development. Among other activities, the company deals with feasibility assessments, business plan drafting, business projects management and the analysis of investments profitability.

Furthermore, since 2004, QS&P constitutes a crucial advisor for many companies in the field of shipbuilding and provided them a fundamental support in the newbuilding and refurbishment of public areas and cabins of both cruise ships and mega yachts.  

 Our consultants, specialists in all relevant areas of intervention, have an in-depth knowledge of the different issues that may arise in the shipbuilding industry and in the management of complex projects concerning the realisation of the aforementioned operational sectors. Also, they are accredited by different certification organisms and can act as auditors.

 The hallmark of QS&P is to provide client not only with a provision of support to project management, but also to offer them methodologies and tools that can ease the approach to companies’ systems, thus dramatically reducing costs and implementation periods.  

Engineering and project development

QS&P provides the marine industry with planning, design, engineering, construction supervision, materials and project execution related to new building and refurbishment of cruise ships, luxury & mega yachts, etc.

Our company offers the following services:

  •  Excellent know-how of design, engineering and construction
  • Turn-key supply of public areas and cabins
  • Manage Project
  • Planning,
  • Research of innovative solutions
  • Constructive and executive engineering
  • Production in its partners workshop
  • On-board fitting and supervision

 Our partners

  • Turri 1870 srl: Furnitures Tailor made & Engineering
  • Ferroumbria srl: Mechanical carpentry (Light and heavy) & Engineering: 
  • Ferroumbria srl: Sale and distribution metallurgical materials: 
  • Time Led srl: Led Light & Engineering: 
  • Metroquadro sas: Fitting & Installations
  • 3b-Lab srl: Lightweight Aluminium honeycomb panels 
  • A-Lab Marine srl (Genoa):  Engineering, Interior project, design and construction supervision
  • Isotempra srl (Cabiate) : Advanced Glass for the Global industry
  • SG Naval Work srl (Pozzallo) : General Fitting & Installations

Our mission: ensure a high-quality standard is the answer to continuous challenges.


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